Experience the next generation of AI Assistance for Dungeon Masters

The DM assistant is the ultimate tool for looking up rules and stat blocks while playing Dungeons & Dragons. We are currently beta testing the assistance. Do you want to help?

Trained with all D&D books

Our AI is being trained with all DND books from Wizards of the Coast, and when that is done, we will train it with 3rd party content as well.

Experience the next generation of artificial intelligence for D&D

Our AI is the ultimate tool for Dungeon Masters and players. Here is why!

All the rules in one place.

We have trained our AI with all books published by Wizards of the Coast. You will never have to look in a book or google a rule again.

Making D&D simple

Our goal is to make DND as simple and accessible to everyone. Our AI is the first step on our mission.

Do you need a monster?

With a simple prompt our AI can return a monster that matches the location, theme and challenge rating you need.