Cyberpunk 5e: Ranger

A Ranger is a tech-savvy warrior who utilizes technology to hunt down monsters and humanoids alike.

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Creating a Ranger

Class Group: Expert
Primary Ability: Dexterity, Wisdom or Intelligence

To create a Cyberpunk Ranger follow the guide in One D&D:


In addition to the proficiencies in One D&D, you also become proficient in Scanners.

Starting Equipment

As a 1st-level character, you start with the following equipment, or you can forgo it and spend 150 Credits on equipment of your choice.

Starting Equipment

Hunting Rifle
Rifle Ammo (10)
Trackers Pack
Hunters Knife

Bulletproofed Vest
10 Credits

Class Features

You gain the Class Features listed in the One D&D as a Cyberpunk Ranger.

Ranger Subclasses

A Ranger Subclass is a specialization that grants you special abilities at certain Rogue levels, as specified in the Subclass. All DND subclasses are playable in a Cyberpunk setting, but some may fit better than others. Ask your GM before choosing a non-cyberpunk subclass.

Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunters specialize in hunting down and eliminating extra-dimensional monsters that threaten the material plane. They must be proficient in various weapons, tactics, and combat techniques and know other realms and their inhabitants. Shadow Hunters must also possess a strong sense of justice and courage to ensure they take on only those threats that truly warrant their attention.

3rd Level: Shadow Mark

When you attack, you draw energy from the shadows to deliver a ferocious blow to your marked enemy. When you strike a creature marked by your Hunters Mark, you deal 2d6 extra damage instead of 1d6.

3rd Level: Shadow Mark

When you attack, you draw energy from the shadows to deliver a ferocious blow to your marked enemy. When you strike a creature marked by your Hunters Mark, you deal 2d6 extra damage instead of 1d6.

6th Level: Shadow Defense

Whenever the target of your Hunters Mark forces you to make a saving throw, you have Advantage.

10th Level: Shadow Step

You can step into the shadows as a part of your attack action. When you do, you can teleport up to 10 feet before each Attack. This move does not trigger an attack of opportunity.

14th Level: Shadow Walker

You can slip in and out of the Shadows and move at incredible speed. You can cast Misty Step as a bonus action without expending a spell slot. Each day you can do this a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Matrix Hunter

A Matrix hunter hunts in the Matrix instead of the wild and is a highly advanced technical expert. They can hack into the most secure networks and systems to find their target.

3rd Level: Hinged

You exit both in the material and the digital plane and always see the data flow. This lets you connect to digital systems as if you had a Neuralink implant.

Connected. You have Advantage on Perception checks to locate anything connected to the Matrix.

White Noise. You have Disadvantage on Perception checks relying on sight to see anything not connected to the Matrix.

Hacking. You become proficient in Hacking Software.

6th Level: Innate Hacker

When connected to the Matrix, you have an innate understanding of how computers work and can use this knowledge to your Advantage.

You gain expertise in Computers and Hacking Software.

10th Level: Shutdown

When you see a creature use a piece of technology connected to the Matrix, you may use your reaction to shut it down. Roll an Intelligence (Hacking) against its firewall. If shutdown, it requires an action to turn on again.

Once you use this feature, you can only use it again after you finish a short or long rest.

14th Level: 503

You can disrupt the flow of data. If a creature within 30 feet performs an Action with a piece of technology connected to the Matrix. You can use your reaction to grant it Disadvantage on the ability check. You must use this ability before you know the result of the Attack.

Bounty Hunter

You hunt down wanted criminals or fugitives. They often use their knowledge of technology and underground networks to locate and capture their targets. Bounty hunters must have a keen eye for detail and the ability to think quickly on their feet to track down their targets successfully.

3rd Level: Digital Mark

You have mastered the art of locating your target from above.

Droner. You become proficient in Drones.

Digital Hunter. You may use Hunters Mark on a creature you can see through a live stream and have Advantage on all Search checks to locate it digitally.

6th Level: Digital Bond

You may take a non-attack action with your Drone as a bonus action. In addition, the Firewall of your drone increase by 5.

10th Level: Dual Attack

When you command your drone to take the Attack action, the drone can make two attacks.

14th Level: Arcane Connector

When you take the Magic action, and your drone is within 30 feet of you, you may cast any spell through it as if you were there yourself.


Bulletproofed Vest

Light Armor, AC 12 + Dex, Bulletproof, 8 lb, 10 credits.

A bulletproof vest of reinforced Kevlar fabric designed to withstand bullets and shrapnel.

Trackers Pack

Starter Pack, 40 credits

A collection of equipment that can help you enter anywhere.

1 Waterproof Backpack
1 Small Scanner
1 Datapad
1 Gas Mask

1 Flashlight
2 Flash Grenades
1 Grapple Gun with 50 feet Nano Rope

Light Katana

Melee Weapon (simple, sword), 1d6 Slashing, Finesse, Light, 2 lbs, 10 credits

A light katana combines the speed and agility of a short sword with the cutting power of a katana. It is a versatile and effective weapon that can be wielded with one hand, allowing the wielder to use a shield or another weapon in their off-hand.

Hunting rifle

1d10 piercing, Rifle Ammunition (range 300/900), Magazine (10),Single-shot, 25 CR

A long-range firearm that is designed for hunting and sniping. It is a powerful, accurate weapon that can take down even the largest and most dangerous game. Comes with a top mount with an optical scope.

optical scope

Top Mounted, 25 CR

A telescopic sight that helps you improve your aim on long distances. An optical scope requires a Top mount on your weapon.

Requires a bonus action to mount or dismount.

Short Range. When shooting at a target within close range, you have Disadvantage.

Long Range. You do not have a disadvantage when shooting at a target within long range.

Thieves’ Tools

Toolset, 25 credits

Mastery of these tools allows you to add your proficiency bonus to any ability checks to bypass security measures.

1 Microchip Analyzer
1 Lock Pick
1 Electronic Lockpick

1 Datapad
1 Cable Cutter
20 Wire Strippers