Cyberpunk 5e: Weapons & Armor

A full catalogue of available weapons and armor for Cyberpunk 5e.

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The power level of Firearms

The damage levels of firearms have been reduced, compared to One D&D. This is done to keep the damage in combat consistent and compatible with feats and abilities from D&D.

Weapon Properties


When you roll a critical failure with this weapon, make a DC 15 Dexterity Saving Throw. If you fail, deal your weapon’s damage to yourself.


When dealing damage with this weapon, it always deals non-lethal damage.


A weapon with the magazine property has a limited number of actions, bonus actions, or reactions you can use to attack with it before it is required to reload, regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make. A weapon with the magazine property takes one round to reload.

Firing Modes

Single Shot (SS)

A firearm with the the Single Shot property can only shoot one shot each turn.

Semi Automatic (SA)

You may use the Double Tap attack action. Roll an extra damage dice, and remove the lowest result. The attack uses 2 ammunition.

Burst Fire (BF)

You may use the Burst Fire attack action. Make a ranged attack against a target within close range. You score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20. The attack uses 3 ammunition.

Full Automatic (FA)

You may use the Full-Auto attack action. Choose a point within close range. Each creature in a 10-foot-square centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw against 8 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Dexterity Bonus. On a failed save, the creature takes your weapon’s regular damage and drops prone; on a successful saving throw, it takes half. The attack uses 10 ammunition.

Simple Weapons: Melee

Knife1d4 PiercingFinesse, Light, Thrown (Range 20/60)Nick1 lb.
Hand Axe1d6 PiercingLight, Thrown (Range 20/60)Vex1 lb.
Baseball Bat1d6 BludgeoningVersatileFlex3 lb.
Chainsaw1d8 SlashingHeavy, Two-handedCleave15. lb.

Simple Weapons: Missile

WeaponDamagePropertiesFiring ModesMasteryWeightCost
Light Pistol1d6 PiercingAmmunition (Range 75/200), Light, Magazine (10)SS, SAVex2 lb.200 CR
Double-Barreled Shotgun1d6 PiercingAmmunition (Range 50/150), Magazine (2)SSPush6 lb.
Sawed-Off Shotgun1d8 PiercingAmmunition (Range 30/90), Magazine (2)SSPush8 lb.
Taser1d8 ElectricityLight, Non-lethal, Magazine (1)SSSap1 lb.

Martial Weapons: Missile

WeaponDamagePropertiesFiring ModesMasteryWeightCost
Submachine Gun1d8 PiercingAmmunition (Range 200/600), Magazine (20), BFCleave8 lbs.
Revolver1d8 PiercingAmmunition (Range 100/300), Magazine (6), FinesseSS, SAVex8 lbs.250 CR
Hunting Rifle1d10 PiercingAmmunition (Range 300/900), Magazine (6), Two-handedSSSlow8 lbs.
Assault Rifle1d10 PiercingAmmunition (Range 250/750), Magazine (30), Two-handedSS, BF FAGraze7 lb.
Sniper Rifle1d12 PiercingAmmunition (Range 400/1200), Heavy, Magazine (6), Two-handed, Optical ScopeSSTopple14 lb.
Auto Shotgun1d8 PiercingAmmunition (50/150), Loading, Magazine (6)SAPush8 lb.

Martial Weapons: Melee

Light Katana1d6 SlashingFinesse, LightNick3 lb.25 cr
Katana1d8 SlashingVersatile (1d10)Flex3 lb.50 cr
Mono Whip1d10 slashingReach, DangerousCleave1 lb.


Armor Properties


This armor protects against bullets. Normally when you are attacked any AC from your armor is not used when you are shot at. Any limitations to Dexterity still applies.


Some armors have abilities you may use once between long rests. If the ability has the recharge features, you may use an action to recharge it with a battery Pack to gain another usage of the ability.

Light Armor

ArmorArmor Class (AC)PropertiesStrengthWeightCost
Armored Clothing11 + Dex modifierBulletproof4 lb.5 cr
Armored Suit11 + Dex modifierBulletproof, Recharge8 lb.10 cr
Executive Suit12 + Dex modifierBulletproof, Recharge16 lb.600 cr
Chameleon Suit12 + Dex modifierBulletproof, Recharge1.200 cr

Armored Clothing

A discreet and lightweight type of protective gear. It is designed to be worn under clothing and provides minimal protection while maximizing mobility. It is ideal for stealthy or agile characters and allows the wearer to move quickly and freely in combat.

Concealed. This armor is concealed and cannot be seen as long as you are wearing clothes over it.

Armored Suit

The discreetly armored suit is famous among corporate employees and fixers seeking stylish protection. It comes with a concealable holster for carrying pistols.

Hidden Holster. Wisdom (Perception) and Wisdom (Insight) checks to see, find, or locate your holstered pistol has disadvantage.

Chameleon Suit

The chameleon suit uses an intelligent ruthenium polymer coating and sensor suite to blend in with the surroundings and offer protection.

Chameleon (Recharge). You may activate or deactivate the suit’s chameleon functionality as a bonus action. When you activate it, it becomes partly transparent for 10 minutes, and you gain advantage on all Wisdom (Stealth) checks. You can use this feature once each day.

Executive Suit

The executive suite is a high-end outfit worn by corporate executives and politicians. Made from advanced materials, it offers lightweight protection and a force field to protect you against assassination attempts.

Shield (Recharge). As a reaction, you may activate an invisible force barrier. Until the start of your next turn, you have a +5 bonus to AC. When used the armor needs either to recharge for a long rest or power can be transferred from a battery pack as an action.

Medium Armor

ArmorArmor Class (AC)PropertiesStrengthWeightCost
Armored Jacket13 + Dex modifier (max. 2)Bulletproof8 lb.50 cr
Armored Vest14 + Dex modifier (max. 2)Bulletproof40 lb400 cr

Armored Jacket

Medium body armor is protective gear that balances protection and mobility. It is made of lighter materials than heavy armor and covers the torso, arms, and legs. It allows for greater flexibility and agility in combat.

Armored Vest

Lightweight, durable, and technologically advanced medium armor. Ceramic plating, synthetic fibers, and nanofiber weave provide ballistic and energy weapon resistance.

Heavy Armor

ArmorArmor Class (AC)PropertiesStrengthWeightCost
Full Body Armor18Bulletproof30 lb.1.500 cr

Full Body Armor

Provides maximum protection. It is made of heavy, durable materials and covers the entire body. It is effective against both physical and magical attacks. The Armor includes a helmet.

Bulwark. When resisting area attacks with Dexterity, you may use Strength instead.