Cyberpunk 5e: Androids

Android creation involves cutting-edge biotechnology and advanced cybernetics, fusing organic and synthetic materials to form lifelike beings.

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Android Origin

Androids are often called replicants or bioroids, and all possess artificial intelligence, with some possessing sentience and free will. Their creation process is a closely guarded secret, known only to the megacorporations and their top-tier scientists.

Android Traits

Creature Type: Construct

Size: Medium (about 4–7 feet tall) or Small (about 2–4 feet tall), chosen when you select this Race

Speed: 30 feet

Life Span: 150 years on average.

Neural Interface. You are created with a neural interface.

Darkvision. You have Cybereyes with Darkvision with a range of 60 feet.

Self Repair: Androids have built-in repair systems that allow them to repair themselves over time. You may spend a Hit Dice as a Bonus Action to gain health.

Construct. You cannot attune to magic items, cast spells, or be a target of spells and abilities that target creatures or monsters.

Androids of many Models

CEN Battlefury

Designed for combat and have a bulky and imposing appearance, with heavy armor plating and weapons built into their frames. They often have glowing red eyes and appear intimidating.

Armor Tech. You have armored plating on your body. When you are not wearing armor, your AC is 15 + Con.

Black Ghost

These Androids have a sleek and agile appearance, with advanced sensor suites and stealth capabilities built into their frames. They are designed for infiltration and espionage.

Stealth Tech. Through advanced stealth and sensory technology, you can blend into the surroundings. You can choose to gain Advantage on Stealth and Perception checks. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus each day.

CEN Lifebringer

Designed to function as a paramedic or combat medic, this Android excels in giving first aid.

Med Tech. When successfully administering first aid, your patient may spend one Hit Die to gain that many Hit Points.

Ironfist Titan

This android is built to support construction, repair, and maintaining equipment, but it has been useful in many other scenarios.

Knowledge Tech. You gain proficiency with two toolsets.